New Snapped Right Shapes

My good friend Stacy Marcus and has been in Second Life since 2004, I think shes probably tried her hand at everything. Currently she is the manager at Nymphetamine, one of my fav shops in SL and one of the 1st ones I found when I arrived next to Pixel Dolls and Last Call. Stacy has ryn a modeling Agency, modeled, and still DJ’s as well. Shes a mover and a shaker to say the very least.

Now she is making shapes and awesome shapes they are. If you are one who likes a  voluptuous fuller figure these are made for you.

Have a look ! 🙂



Beautiful huh !  Find yours here : Snapped Right Shapes

From Stacy’s Desk :

Thank you for your purchase of a Snapped Right Shape!

Stacy Maracas has been in Second Life since 2004, and has always done well assisting others in enhancing their shapes.  After much prodding of many friends I have taken that step into the nether and am bringing you my own creations!!

You will find that my shapes are a lower cost, as well as copyable and modifiable!  There is nothing worse that purchasing a shape you can do nothing with! Sometimes I am feeling TALL, and would like to be as such, here in Second Life, we can be that, so who am I to tell you cannot by slapping a no mod sticker on it?


Please contact me at any time for and all all questions you may have!

Stacy Maracas
Owner, Snapped Right


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