Celebrate with us !!

Toran and I met a year ago this month and we partnered in June last year…..its been a good experience for us both. Life on the grid is not so different as life lived offline for us. So we are now adding something new to our relationship.



We are expecting Baby Boy Babenco ( no name chosen yet). We are 3months into our pregnancy and its been a great experience for us both. Daddy Babenco spends a lot of time smiling and listening ….. I’m busy nesting and building the nursery while he plans for our new home.


We spend a lot of time talking planning and he always helps with baby yoga! It bringing us even closer together still.  I explained to him I was very happy he did baby yoga with me cuz in just a short time there would be no way I’d be able to get up and down on my own !



Celebrate with us 🙂 as we announce and share with you our coming bundle of joy !!

POSES by SD Pose

My cute baby shape actually made her first debut here.

She was made for us by Ginger Emor, you can see her work here and here. Her name is Lil Ginger .


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