Pink T Day , The Next Victim Could Be you

Far too much bullying in the world…the real and the virtual! Seen it been a victim of it and watch it happen daily on and off the grid. Recently a teenager committed suicide, he could no longer take the bullying from school mates. 13 is too young to die , 13 is too young to suffer ….at 13 kids should be playing ball, going to the mall and movies and enjoying lazy summer days . Creating and adding to their book of lifelong memories to share and take out and remember and smiles about later in life. Makes me ask myself …..who is really responsible for this childs death ….his parents…the bullies parents, the school systems? My vote ……. ALL 3.

Parents didn’t listen, school didn’t intervene and didn’t listen the bullies parents , well they are obviously not paying attention…..children , live what they learn. Think about that for a moment……how are you doing as a parent if in fact you are one?

Cyber bullies add a whole new flavor huh, cuz frankly we never really know who they are huh. Not really….  fodder n food for thought ladies and gentlemen….. do unto others as you would have them do unto you ! Wise words…..

The next victim could be……you.

As a parent, as an expecting parent as a human being …..take heed …..if we reap what we sow….lets toss out good seeds/deeds.


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