Snapped Right Shapes Introduces Mercedes *NUDITY WARNING*

Stacy Maracas has always been a busy girl and shes busy creating new shapes . Mercedes is her latst shape and shes awesome!


Mercedes is long n sleek n toned just right.

 Here is Stacys style card for Mercedes :

SKIN:  *Pazazz* Rose – Love –

HAIR:  Magika – Donna (Merlot)

EYES:  sachi Vixen –

Go get her here .

My friend the beautiful Distracting Nighbor IM’d me the other night and said ….go slap this MM board! So as soon as I could get free I went and took my friend Nicci Chau and she brought a few of her friends. When I landed I was amazed 1st at the size of the store and then at the rows n rows of shoes and then at the number of MM boards that were there. We slapped them all !! I’ve not got it all unpacked but I did unpack these….

Nice huh! The store is called TARA, you need to join the group for some of the boards to take your slap but it was worth it !

Happy shopping !!!


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