Maternity Chic !

One thing I do know is pregnancy runs you thru of pretty overwhelming emotions ! Deciding to get pregnant is a huge step alone then ….. once you are there is that moment of emotional rush from omg to OMG to tears of joy and then sudden fear. What have we done ! *laffs* But the bottom line is thru all of it the couple glow, wellllll yes there is a glow but mommy also has those omg Im huge ,ugly, swollen, hot, hungry, and frumpy !!!

We all know the cure for frumpy !!! Shopping for fab maternity wear ! Let me share what I’ve found.



Cute huh. Comes with all 3 skirt options and the hair piece, 2 tops 2 bottoms ! short and one long pants option. You can find this and more at *9 Weeks*


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