Pea in a Pod News and Newness ! Maternity wear Funky flair !

There is no way I can put into words how excited I was to find Pea in a Pod but I was even more excited when Ms. Melody Parks, Second Life resident since 9/04, Owner and designer of these fabulous maternity fashions IM’d me. Super nice lady !! We played a bit of IM tag before we finally got to chat .

She shared with me that they had a fashion show in the works and that she would get me details asap cuz I really so do NOT want to miss it ! Then she sent me one of the new release to review! Take a look !!

This is Sylent  in Pale Face. Several skirt , top , pants and cute bow options.

I absolutely love this outfit and I adore the capri’s !! The attention to detail is wonderful and it looks great on AND makes a 3 month pregnant mommy feel beautiful !

Options !! Cutness !! AND Toran thought I looked mommylicious!! Can’t ask for more than that ladies!

There are also hats and accessories and shoes in the Pea in a Pod shop as well as baby furniture with a link to the makers mainstore AND a MM Board with under 50 slaps ! So if you are a pregnant mommy or planning to be THIS is the place for your maternity wear!!

Pea-in-a-Pod.   A Maternity Store that concentrates on Fashion, not hiding that beautiful bump.  A pregnant Woman is a beautiful sight and her clothes should focus on that fact.  Stop by, check us out….
Maternity wear Funky flair, Pea in a Pod !!


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