Omega Flexi System only at photoLIFE

Have you been over to photoLIFE to try the Omega Flexi System? photoLIFE photographers are using it and love it. You can see some of thier shots using it here. Add some flex to your second life photos. This system will move anything you want, hair, dresses, gowns even your trees on your sim.

Operated thru a HUD giving you full control over speed and direction with a single script. It is important to remember the object you wish to *flexi* must be copy/mod in order to use the single script. Also, keep in mind THIS system is NOT just for photoLIFE studios it works independantly and can be used by anyone.

Key Features

Single Script Operation – Only one script is needed for an entire object.

Remote Script – A copy/transfer script that allows control over anyone’s modifiable objects.  *remote script are for attachments only.
Set the Flex – Wind – Uplift of  skirts,  hair,  trees,  curtains,  or anything that has flexible objects you can put the script in.

4 Automatic Modes – Random, Clockwise, Counter Clockwise, & Alternate Modes with 5 configurable timer settings for each.

Call Objects – Control each individual object or all objects within range.

Lock & Unlock Objects – Keep your settings locked so only the wind direction can change.

On & Off – Turn off individual objects so they do not respond.

Customizable Flex Settings – Customize the flexi settings by notecard configuration or just use the script as is for our standard flexible prim options.

Variable Range – Control all of your objects within 10, 20, 100, or the entire region.

Minimizing HUD – Stays active and in control even when hidden out of the way.

Lifetime Updates – Peace of mind with one of the best support staffs in SL.

 Check out the system here, Omega Flexi System.

See Some work of others using the Omega Flexi System here:

Trinidad Anatine

Panda5 Larg

Corinne Helendale

and many others!

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