niciARTLINE Tattoo floral hearts fullbody

I’ve not really been one to wear tats often altho I do admire them and I do own a few of them, my friend Nicci Chau is like the tat expert in my life and I always love the way she looks in them.

I was really excited to recieve this review copy from niciARTLINE and I totally love how it looks on me.

This is extremely well detailed, crisp and clear against this dark skin as well as my lighter skins.

Immerschoen Designer Fashion for Girls & Boys – Jeans, Lack&Latex, Leather, Shirts, Underwear, Tattoos and many more.

Get yours here !

Shoes:Stiletto  Moody Bare Mae Midnight

Nipple Tape : >>ROOTS<<

Bangles w/Nails and Rings: Mandala

Hair: .:VDI:. Jesablle – Platinum Blonde

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