What is this trend? No pretty picture this time just a question.

“Not A Secret”

27 APRIL – Important informations

http://juicybomb.com/ (appears the post has been removed) Good for Gogo! She took a lot of heat for expressing her honest opinion about a purchase she bought with her own cold hard-earned lindens!


I’m not sure what all this is about. Are bloggers mad at each other because they want credit for …..blogging designs? I really don’t know how other bloggers work, I blog what I love, I blog what designers send to me to blog as review copies. I’m always honest about what I blog. I love working with designers especially on reviews, reviews for me are meant as * hey I’m about to release this product, would you take a look and see what you think* and I do that….and I’ve gone to designers and said *great product I would tweak blah blah blah* never had one be upset about that ever. After all our goals are the same , offer a great product to the SL consumers.

Now if give credit where credit is due the jest of this trend, I do. I credit the designers, I have credited other blogs as well but ladies and gentlemen I don’t know why you blog and I don’t feel it is any of my business how you blog, nor do I feel a need to tell you how when why or what.

We blog SL because we do , we don’t have to blog at all and I sure don’t really feel obligated to credit anyone for any reason but the designer. I don’t feel its my place to tell another blogger anything about *their* opinion of the design they blogged, they bought it not me.  As for review copies, the designer drops them it is the designers prerogative to drop their product on any blogger they wish, I’ll assume  1.they pick who they pick because they like that bloggers work and 2.it is their hope to get a good and honest review of what they want the SL masses to come by and possibly purchase.

It’s your blog, blog it as you see fit. I do.

12 thoughts on “What is this trend? No pretty picture this time just a question.

  1. I think when it comes to freebies and new group gifts, also especially items that are time-sensitive, it’s quite hard to tell which blogger got wind of it first, and there is bound to be duplication of posts regarding certain products, that’s why I don’t bother to ‘rush’ anymore or try to be the first to blog about some new gifts or freebie or whatever. But having said that, I have also found that this world, SL or RL, is a mean world, most of the time at least–I mean, no matter how sincere I am, there will always be mean comments, and they really hurt especially for a person like me who has always believed that if I have nothing nice to comment about, or if it’s not constructive, then don’t comment at all. Anyway, I totally agree with you that we should blog as we see fit, though I find it increasingly hard these days *sigh* :-))

    • 🙂 I never rush to blog , I can’t have tons of other things to tend to. I love to blog its relaxing for me to shop or chat with designers I know and always a pleasure to have the opportunity to blog thier products.

      Thank you so so much for poppin thru and giving me your opinion and thoughts. Its a pleasure to *meet* you.


  2. Hello, maybe I generalize a bite in my blog message, but i am victim since i start blogging, by rude comments and some people who copy my style, my new ideas. I only think this people should blogroll me or something. I will not check other blogs for the only reason to not give to anyone the possibility to tell me rude things again. I have my own group and my own annoucements, and my designers friends. I dont need to give any credit too, because I dont see any credit to me also. I am just tired of this competition between bloggers. I do my best and I do it all alone.

    • hello xmyaxx,

      Thank you for poppin thru and sharing, pleasure to meet you. Please feel free to link exchange me , it would be a pleasure if you are so inclined. 🙂 Actually all of you can if you wish I love meeting new people, part of the fun of SL! 🙂

  3. YAY I add you to my blogroll right now 😀 I am happy to meet you too and I really like people like you, who gives opinion and change things in her own way! Keep your very good work and I will come back 🙂 xoxo

    • 🙂 Hello

      Basicly I’m saying….your blog is your blog it matters not what you blog or how you blog or even who you blog. Your blog , your business. No one has to like a thing you say but you. I’m not crazy about this trend I’m seeing I kinda feel like the blog police are upon us. I enjoy reading you, I enjoy reading many I appreicate and respect all opinions, weather I share them of not. I totally understood your POV. Blog on !

      Thank you for poppin thru and its a pleasure to see you !

      • Yeah I missed the point, I blame it on sl for sucking me in and stealing away my sleep.

        I believe I said it before, but it deserves reitteration, Pink Floyd said it best…

        And thanks for the support!

  4. Hey Colleen it’s certainly a pleasure to meet you too and I just noticed you also linked my blog! OMG!! THE Colleen Criss! You have no idea how honoured and encouraged I am!! Thank you!!!!!Big hugssss!!!

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