Diesel Works Diva II

Ever find poses and think wow these were designed for me ! CC is a pretty *ample* avi girl and sometimes poses can poke in odd places but these Diva II I swear they feel like they were designed with me in mind. *laffs* or at least for the *ample* girl!

Diva II is a serious set of must have poses for every fashionista, photographer, model and Diva on the grid. There are 11 in all in this set. Let me show you a few.

Oh ! Let me talk about this new pose stand for a minute too. Its awesome! Hop on get a menu , it will auto adjust you, auto pose you and you can set the time to suit you! Easy for snapping some photos huh. mmm and that reminds me….perfect in my photoLIFE stands too. The set includes the NEW Diesel Works Stand v2. The final version of the stand will be released soon.

Group members get a 10% discount as usual. Don’t forget to wear your Diesel Works group tag before purchase.

Great poses, no pinches, stand is a dream! Go over and take a look for yourself , you will find your poses here , Diesel Works. As well as Xstreet.

Happy posing !!


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