Somedays Do Ya Just Wanna Bang …..

your head off the desk? Scream? Beat a pillow slam to death?

I do ! Often feel this way.

Blogging ….. something I love to do. I think to be honest most bloggers love what they do. I’m inspired to blog by others creativity, be it fashion, sim builds, live music, photography, poses or something fun and quirky I might come across in Second Life.

Rarely do I ever feel the need to trash blog …. anyone or anything , SO when I log in and hit the feeds  and see trauma and drama blogs, it gives me a rash. We have so many ways to communicate on Second Life or about Second Life I don’t see why it ever hits the blogs at all. Some things are best left unspoken OR spoken about privately among friends in IM’s of your fav messenger service.


character assassination

n the act of deliberately attempting to destroy a person’s reputation by defamatory remarks.
n. A vicious personal verbal attack, especially one intended to destroy or damage a public figure’s reputation.
And in the doing, do we realize ….that more often than not the character we do the most damage to is ….ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Somedays Do Ya Just Wanna Bang …..

    • Absolutely ! Many bloggers do have Designers that contact them to blog for them. I personally find this the best form of flattery for any blogger. It’s nice to know a designer as caught your blog posts somewhere and enjoyed/respected your work enough to invite you to blog thier items/designs.

      Respect is of course a 2 way street. I’d think we would want to be seen in the best light. After all we have the same goals in mind. The designers want honest opinions on thier products, being honest does not require one rude comment and it never need be public. It should always be between the designer and that blogger. They would like to make sales and I would like to help if possible. 🙂

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