Sn@tch Summer

I saw these skirts all over the feeds and only  yesterday had a chance to go over an *sn@tch* em. I worry sometimes about certain sculpted pieces and how they will fit or move, there was no reason to stress with these skirts at all. No adjustments for my ample avi either … great fit right out of the box. The colors are terrific as well.

If this isn’t enough to get you over to Sn@tch keep in mind there is a great sale going on over there too. Ivey has set out her new 69L and all of her past HumpDay Happiness Sale items at 69L. SO happy shopping!

**MIS** Sexy Back Halters are a terrific way to create your summer look!

The Look:

:::Sn@tch Daydream Sculpted Skirt (White):::

Your Taxi to Snatch and her blog link.

**MIS** Sexy Back Halter – Heather

Mischief  currently has a huge 600 item XstreetSL sale going on as well. When the sale ends those items will be gone forever. Blog found here. Inworld shop found here.

CaNDy NaiL #016 Aquamarine Cutie
*Muism* Mandy /platinum blonde
Bangles Golden  – Izira Kirkorian iZa boutique & MJC Career School (est. 2006) *CLOSED* but Instructing with ICE
LeeZu! BohemeMia Earring
DM Women’s Bling on Parade Necklace – Gold (mod’d by me)
#OC# Melanie- Auburn L (For Viewer 2.0 )
JCNY – AVALON, Hyper-Gems Wedding/Engagement Ring
*OC* Dalila Skin v2 – gold
Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N01


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