*NEW* Sexy Shoes and Awesome Jewelry

New to me and I confess love for both. The shoes are awesome for the summer season and V2 layer included.

*IS* Deco Rose – Dark Red L – for V2
BY Inanna Fairlady of Inanna’s Star

These have a lovely art deco style on the platform, a subtle rose pattern up near the heel, and a mary-jane strap across the foot. Inanna shared she currently has the Deco Rose killer platform heels, and she’s working on her second range of shoes.

Inanna’s Star Shoes at Alisha’s

Inanna’s Star at Coulours

I totally love this bracelet ! I cant wait to share this with you.  Mustelid Carnot, Creator.

 Infinite Charm Bracelet ~IC~ 24 panel silver &  gold bracelet comes with this awesome HUD that I’ll show you too and you can change the charms , add more charms update and work all Infinate Jewelry from just 1 HUD. AND this bracelet is a free gift at store! I was in a *I love shoes* mood 🙂 ! 

Here is a general outline of your HUD and it’s functions

The Infinite Charm HUD is designed to customize any Infinite Charm piece of jewelry. One HUD will work for them all, removing the need for multiple copies in your inventory and making customization simple! The HUD is modifiable except for the scripts which means it shows as No modify in your inventory. You can still resize it as needed and you can “edit” it to add additional charms

ONLY ONE HUD IS EVER NEEDED. It will work with any jewelry you own, and every expansion pack of charms you buy will be immediately available to be used by any piece of jewelry you may own. There is no need to use multiple HUDs, but you may wish to keep one copy as a backup.
**The Infinite Charm HUD will ONLY work with an Infinite Charm compatible item! Look for the Infinite Charm logo and mark to be sure!**

The Infinite Charm system is the most innovative personalization system for jewelry in Second Life. Every piece is customizable through the HUD, which can be expanded with charm packs!
charm bracelet necklace earrings collar ring customize personalize.

Get yours here :


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