TART ~ This dress screams…Im sexy..look at me!

Alexandra is available in 10 color options. with a ‘basic’ and ‘colors’ fat pack.

Just absolutely SL hottness ladies ! my RL op purred when I put this on and Toran roar’d! 🙂 Im showing my fav colors but really if you know the TART color pallet you know they are all puuuurrrrfect!

Check out the back of this dress ! When I got the notice about this fabulous dress we were shooting a wedding, then my friend Shyayn Lusch IM’s to say *THIS is you* ! and pasted here blog link to me. She was absolutely correct!!  🙂

uh huh 🙂 super sexy. There will be adjustments to make, the laces are prims so make copies and adjust to fit you. I’m a pretty ample avi girl but it took only minor adjustments for me.

Alexandra Includes:

2 Jacket layers (with and without garters)
1 Shirt layer
3 pants layers (glitch/garter/no garter)
Prim skirt
Prim corset ribbon (2 attach points)
2 sets stockings-light and dark

Lace detailing can be lightened or darkened by simply adding layers over each other. (ie: shirt/pants & Jacket)

 The white version of this dress is on super special sale on Xstreet . You can purchase it here for 99L$. All colors are available at the main store on FART and Xstreet.

TART Alexandra -black
Foot Fetish – Buckled Stripper Boots

BAX Coen : LE.LOOK! la femme – Boots
TART Alexandra -brown

TART –  Camo

[chuculet] ava – silver –  necklace – soft touch
Funky Pearly Bracelet
Lostwood Earrings
[rQ]Bronze@TYPE.o2-W.o4 (lightBROW)

Also while you are over on Xstreet check out this super cute super sale from Fall In, for 99L$.  This is only available on Xstreet.

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