Awesome Previews of Black & Blue Fair 2010

Location is still secret and we are only a few hours from official open!   June 3rd (Midnight GMT – 4pm SLT)
 to July 4th (Midnight GMT – 4pm SLT).

I promise you there is something for everyone guys and girls so watch for the open and popover to grab these awesome designs.

GLD Buttons Dress Blue

Sabrina-dark-promo-black w/cleveage

Sabrina-dark-promo-black , how sweet is this skin? I love her. Shes soft and fresh and between you and I great uhm T&A and the shading is fabulous nice even tone all over. Go get her!

~TIK TOK~ Blog Spot

Tik Tok Promo Skin w/o clevage

[ III ] Summer Pearl Necklace


*GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes -sky blue-

*GF* Blog

GLD Buttons Dress  Blue and on Xstreet


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