CStar and ES Skins @ Black & Blue Fair

ES Skins by Evangeline Schism


Home of Schismphrenic – Skins, Tats, Tattoos, Punk, Goth, Grunge, Emo, Alternative, Demon, Fantasy. Interesting skins offered  at a low price, using the base of the Eloh Eliot skins.



CStar by Unico Solo


CStar by Unico Solo

CStar Skins by Unico Solo

About CStar™ and who we are!

CStar™ Started originally formed in August of 2009 as a small accessories shop.  In September, Unico had the inspiration to relelase her very first skins.  Each skin that is sold is of limited quantity: only 100 each! This quickly became a hit on Second Life!

Originally before CStar™ was created, Unico Roleplayed throughout many different WARPS and GM sims, enjoying getting into character and her role in Second Life.  She loved to dress up to play the part of her character, but found it quite difficult to get a high quality skin with bizarre “high fashion” sense of creativity and edge to present her character in the way she imagined.  All she kept finding was low quality gothic skins and really nothing that would turn heads and draw the attention to herself as an extreme character while roleplaying.

Becoming frustrated with the lack of variety that she wanted in skins, and being sick and tired of everyone wearing stolen copybot skins from the same popular skin stores in SL – she decided to start making skins!  Thinking to herself, “what can secure the protection of copybot abuse to my store as well as stay original so I don’t have thousands and thousands of sisters?” Limited skins became the answer, keeping every owner of a CStar Skin unique in a way that was rare on Second Life.

From this idea, CStar™ was born!
People instantly fell in love with CStar™ as their new home for skin shopping, as many would tell Unico.  

Unico has been a hard working bee with not only with keeping up to have new variety skin releases (Style is Customers Choice), but also a new monthly free skin fatpack for women – soon for men as well!  The first day of every month brings hundreds of women to CStar™ to be one of the first to grab the new monthly free skin fatpacks.  Each prize containing one of the many skin tone options to collect.  To Collect each prize from the lucky chair is an entire month long reward for each girl!  Can you imagine being one of the very few to have all the collected skins at the end of the year?

At CStar™Skins, All skins are made limited in one way or another.  Limited quantity or Limited Time! 

Services CStar™ Offers:

▪Limited Quantity/Time Skins for Men and Women
▪Variety of Shapes for Men and Women
▪Script Optimization
▪Script Debugging Services
▪SIM Optimization
▪PHP/MySQL Hosting
▪Free Male and Female Monthly Skins/Shapes
▪Female Clothing

Services Coming Soon:
▪Male and Female Hair
▪Script Library


CStar Blog

CStar Flickr

TAXI : Black & Blue Fair 2010

ES Skins by Evangeline Schism


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