N-core ~ Xtreme Series

Xtreme sexy, Xtreme heel, Xtreme awesome ! Finally sexy toes AND stockings!! Can I be more thrilled!



N-core OBSESSION XtremeHeel II

High quality sculpted shoes of XtremeHeel series.
New HUD LOW LAG with screens to customize your skin, feet stockings and shoe options. Scripts highly reduced (shoes and HUD contains 5 scripts in total!)

HUD features:

– Compatible with Viewer 2 ( folder includes layer for users of Viewer 2 and possibility of remove alpha prims from the HUD )
– 12 skin preset
– Color palette and RGB values for easy and perfect skin match
– Memory slots to save your skin and stockings tones
– Wear stockings in the feet ( 12 stockings preset and color palette/RGB values )
– 27 nails
– Change color of: Shoe straps, heels, buckles, sole, tip end, ring…
– Resize
– Gloss on/off
– Heel sound on/off
– Change color of the shoes from the HUD ( ONLY in fat pack version )
– Only attachment point in the ankle with ankle lock ( allows to wear your pants cuffs or other objects in lower legs )

 Curio,Laqroki,Belleza,Redgrave: SKINS PRESET & RGB VALUES included in the box



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