Blogger Challange 2

Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

Narrowing this down to 3 is rough. There are so many really good things going on in my SL.  Most days I’m still as excited about logging in as I was from day 1 when absolutely everything I saw amazed me and still to this day amazes me. I’ll never tire of the creativity of the Second Life residents. Is there trauma and drama , sure… afterall *laffs* we are powered by our RL *alts* ( I don’t know where I saw that phrase but it was on the blogs and I LOVE IT) but most times I manage to step over it and just move on. It will pass. I’m a firm believer in do no harm and I treat everyone the way I hope they will treat me, if they don’t thats all good too … I know how to step and let it go.

So 3 positives in my Second Life …..

My partner in crime 🙂

One thing is for certain SL is always a learning process, some things take time and patience and a ton of understanding. I’d do it all over again 🙂 . I’ve learned a lot from Toran about photography, video, photoshop and about the grid as well as relationships. We own Babenco & Criss Studios on Opium Sim.

My Second Life Work….

Here I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working for the talented and amazing OomPoppaMowMow Snookums, he inspires and touches lives across the grid and always with a smile and  “Life is Good”. I’ve been fortunate to meet and get to know some of the most amazing photographers  thru Team photoLIFE well over 900 members creating the most awesome works of art and SL photos.

My Second Life *Help Others*

Is done as an NCI, Inc. Instructor teaching new citizens on the grid SL skills. I love this meeting newbies and oldbies as well. This group is well over 12k strong and everyone has something to offer and share. Knowledge is power. I teach 2 classes , Event Planning and Organizing as well as Starting a Second Life Business. You can find help here Kuula Sim – NCI Main Campus .

NCI is the resident organization that operates the Linden Lab-owned Mahulu InfoHub. Based on an original build by Karsten Rutledge, the Mahulu InfoHub is both a spawning point for new residents and a home location for old, at the base of Mount G’al. NCI has outfitted Mahulu with help posters and signs grouped into four categories: “How do I learn the basics?”, “What can I see & do here?”, “Where can I find free stuff?”, and “Where can I learn SL skills?” The Mahulu InfoHub is also supported by the adjacent NCI-owned Mahulu InfoNode.


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