Gabriella’s Dream By Sascha Frangilli

One thing I love about Sascha is buying one gown is like buying a whole new evening wardrobe. Sascha gives us so many options and accessories. Choices 🙂 !

Gabriella Cocktail

Gabriella is sleek, sexy, and takes simplicity of black to a whole new level!

Gabriella Bolero

There is a story to this design, Sascha shares ….

“I am sooo happy to present to you Gabriella’s Dream.  Gabriella Nordwind is my Sl and RL friend and she recently got married to her SL hubby in Real Life! ”

Gabriella w/Shawl

I made the Gabriella with so many options as I would hope one of the combinations would be the actual wedding dress Gabriella wore.

Train Option One


Train Option Two

This Gown includes :

* Top
* Pants (Medium and Long)
* Skirt (medium and Long)

* Cocktail Flexi skirt
* Ultra Sleek Flexi skirt
* Grande Flexi skirt
* Medium Bum train
* Huge Bum train
* Flimsy Cocktail Flexi skirt
* Shawl
* Sleek Flexi skirt
* Swooshy Flexi skirts x 2
* Mermaid Flexi skirts x 2
* Bolero Sculpt
* Jacket Sculpt (4 pieces)*

Find this awesome gown here !

Shoes by N-core

Jewelry by Zaara

Poses by Diesel Works – Diva II


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