NEW Skins @ [III]

Keira Seerose of [III] and organizer of the Black & Blue Fair as well as the upcoming sent out an awesome gift from her new skin line and I am really enjoying the skins.

Afternoon Tone - Kristy - English Pain GIFT

She rawk’d the nipples and the derrière is just as fabulous, maybe a touch more defination but overall job well done ! Of course 🙂 I’m critiquing and blogging skins, something I have zero idea where to even begin to create but I do know what I like and I like these skins alot.

Afternoon Tone - Bijoux - Glitter & Broccoli R

 The lips are really cute and the shape of them are awesome. Check out the cute belly button too. These are a new skin line for [III] and I can see some more great skins coming in this brand. If you have not been over to [III] definately go, demo the skins and grab a few of the really awesome clothing designs there as well.

Nighttime Tone - Melody - Carrot & Volcanic Ash R

 The skins really are fun, different and pretty. The shading is great over the back and the belly.

Evening Tone - Keira - Salt & Wounds R

The skins are priced beyond reasonable and come with a cleavage NOT as a tattoo layer! Leaving you free to wear all the clothing layers you like .

Worth the trip and the lindens and look fabulous ! Grab your ride and enjoy your new skins!


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