Holli Pocket @ Summer of Love

 SOL opens in just 3 days , I can tell you this…..location is secret BUT you are going to love it. ALL the *question* marks are filled with excellent info to raise awareness on mental health be sure you tap them and get the info and share it with ones you care about.

Holli Thespian~We all know her and luv her blog and her designs ! She will be at SOL. She offers some really sexy girly sweet styles for us. I adore her tiny lil workout tops and shorts, and check out the kinis ! The tiny flowers on the hips are perfect. Those great bracelets are from HELLO DAVE, discovered her at Black n Blue Fair and I love her work as well. The  COWRY SHELL CUFFs are scripted and have huge choices of colors and textures! The cute earrings are an older gift from *GF* also a SOL designer.

Holli’s Blog .

Taxi to her Shop.

HELLO DAVE , by Maia Gasparini

You can , purchase your Hello Dave goodies via XStreetSL until the in world store is ready.  To do so, visit this link:

http://tinyurl.com/3xj4wqk  OR look for HELLO DAVE @ SOL! Look for HELLO DAVE inworld location coming soon!


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