{what next} !! At SOL

Winter Thorn CoOwner/Designer @{ what next } and Cafe the Vine, an eclectic collection of furniture, interiors, garden and accessories, brings this to the SOL picnic.

{what next} ‘Beach Cottage’ set. I absolutely adore this set. Shadowed to create a natural comfy casual space for your SL.

The set includes:

The daybed sofa
floor lamp
area rug
wall hanging
permissions = copy

Choose from five pillows (daybed seats five avatars = three on the sofa, two positions mostly on the floor in front of the sofa). The daybed will remember the positon saved for that animation for the last 100 avatars that used the adjust menu,texture changing .

I also added {what next} Summer Knick-Knack Shelf also texture change w/ accessories {what next} Lilac Candle, {what next} Daisies in a Vase (lilac), {what next} 2 Plain Books #1 and {what next}Sunflower Set to complete this awesome little space.

Winter caught my eye with her Director/Starlet chairs and I have been a fan since! I know you will be too.

FIND {what next} easily :

@ SOL of course as well as ….

As featured in the Second Life Destination Guide:

{what next} Blog

{what next} Shop

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