>>Broken Doll>> @ Summer of Love

>>BD>> On The Farm Dress Bottom in Blue and in Pink. Covered in blood or no blood. 🙂 Kinda makes ya wonder about life on the farm huh!  Seriously tho absolutely cute .>>Broken Doll>> is for the little doll inside of us that needs dressing, the gothic girl that tends to end up blood splattered, for those of us that enjoy witty tees, and everything in between. Broken Doll, because we’re all broken in some way.

>>BD>> Baby Polka Shorts in Pink . Baby Polka comes with prims for babydoll shirt with bow and a set of hip bows. This outfit can be worn with or without the prims for two different looks and these are  only available @ SOL !

Broken Doll                Marja Languish        
 Owner of Broken Doll
Clothes for the Doll in all of us

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