[Rockberry] Kalista @ SOL

My 1st experince with [Rockberry] skins happened during the Face of photoLIFE pagent when there was a store on the Opium sim. I loved them then and I love them now . Heather Beebe, designer/creator does an awesome skin and always has great customer service. She fills her shops lucky chairs and boards with wonderful skins too.

Skins sold in singles include blond, brown and black eyebrows with regular and cleavage enhancement. Skins sold in packs of blond, brown or black eyebrows or the full complete pack of all 20 makeups with all eyebrow options. Kalista shape is also available in the Shape Section at the main store.

I’m showing skins in all tones with blond brow and cleavage.

ROCKBERRY Kalista SOL drk BLD brows CLV


ROCKBERRY Kalista SOL light BLD brows CLV


ROCKBERRY Kalista SOL natural BLD brows CLV


ROCKBERRY Kalista SOL tan BLD brows CLV

Also worn :

A&A Fashion Empire Dress silver (Hunt Gift)

Indyra  Originals Porta Nova necklace & earrings: Classic Pearl


[MANDALA] Takara Nail/metal white/

Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N01

Find these awesome skins at SOL and at [Rockberry] Main .

No freckles for Kalista yet.


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