Fashion for Mental Health Awareness

S U M M E R     O F     L O V E     F A I R   is still running, actually it runs until August 8th. 100’s of your fav designers offering exclusive and or one of a kind items. This is SL fashion at its very best and for a good cause! Altho all proceeds go to the designers for thier sales they are encouraged to donate to Hopeline. It is not mandatory that they do. This is optional and all designers are left in charge of their own decisions about this.

You will find tons literally TONS of information on mental health issues, tap and question mark you see and accept the notecard. 27 information points dispensing information on a variety of mental health issues they ALL contain freebies!


:::LiNe::: & Look @ Me Poses  at Summer of Love

:::LiNe::: Yupo /:::LiNe::: SummerStar/LookatMe Poses

             :::LiNe::: Orion/:::LiNe::: SummerStar

:::LiNe::: Yupo/:::LiNe::: SummerStar/  LookatMe Poses

                                                                             :::LiNe::: Yupo /:::LiNe::: SummerStar/LookatMe Poses

                                                                 :::LiNe::: Orion/:::LiNe::: SummerStar/LookatMe Poses

:::LiNe::: Main Store

:::LiNe::: Blog

LookatMe Poses  Main Store

LookatMe Poses  Blog

LookatMe on Xstreet


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