Tonight @ Opium Blues and Jazz

Toran Babenco , Second Lifes newest entertainer will thrill you with his sensual voice.

Toran covers Jazz, Love Songs, Standards, Classic, Contemporary, Doo Wop and a little bit of Elvis,all types of music of the 40s to the 80s. Covering greats like Sinatra, Michael Buble , Lionel Richie, Eric Clapton. 

DO NOT miss this talented performer with the smoooooth voice you surely will enjoy!!  His set begins at 5pm SLT.


And at 6pm SLT  Annabel Trafalgar !!

Annabel Trafalgar has been singing since virtually her RL rez day. Her lifelong love affair with music of many genres began some enchanted evening at a musical theatre performance when she was a young child. She has developed a sweetly unique style at once wholesome and sultry. You will love her jazzy riffs and the way she caresses ballads. Delighted to have the opportunity to sing in Second Life, Annabel looks forward to sharing many more enchanted evenings with her SL audiences.

Limo to the show.  Dress is casual and relaxed.


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