Palais Orleans Artist Park

“I sought to create something reminiscent of Jackson Square in New Orleans. A beautiful park with the perimeter adorned with works of art. A casual atmosphere where people could stroll and enjoy the sights and sounds” Owner and artists Madison Arnahan.

(photo by Alaex Aeon)

What will you find here? Some of the best Second Life artists . You can visit the park here , and follow thier blog here .

Currently you will find the awesome photography of  Toran Babenco as well as Callipygian Christensen.

Callipygian current work is called Body of a Woman, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed her work. Shes showing in several galleries on the grid as well. The images here are a blend of old and new, and some challenge the traditional notion of what the body of a woman looks like.

Toran Babenco works include Kinbaku-bi, which literally means ‘the beauty of tight binding’. Toran is a fabulous Second Life photographer/artist and does excellent video work as well. You can see his work here currently with a new show coming in August at Palais Nouveau de Roissy, Gallery of the Palais. An elegant destination for art lovers of all kinds.  Le Palais is architectually exquisite, designed by a rl patient, endearing architect.  All are welcome to enjoy the ambiance and culture to be had in Second Life.

Presently at the Square you will also find the duo of Zolar Merlin and Lifer Bloobury, award winning photographer Cat Boccaccio. Also we are introducing a new artist, Naija Avro. Van Caerndow presents astonishing images created in real life using oil paints on glass.

 If you are an artist and would like to exhibit here please contact madison Arnahan.

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