More from the Platnium Hunt!! It Starts Tomorrow !!

It starts tomorrow !! I hope you are all excited about this one …. lots of awesome for 10L, look for the gift box containing the pearl.

Check out the gifts from (Dernier Cri), :::LiNe::: and “LoQ Hairs”

(Dernier Cri) Vest (over tank) – Maroon , comes with and w/o the undertank.

:::LiNe:::  PinkCandy Jewelry , Bangles w/ matching necklace.

“LoQ Hairs”  Diamond Headband (The Platinum Hunt )

Platinum Drow Red Lips Black Eyeband
gift includes Ears, Eyes, and Drow in Blue

~Mynerva~  the shop is a rustic Victorian house on the oceanfront, with a forest walk out the back. We sell cute and unique skins, adult and child skins, kids skin, shapes, eyes, tattoos, elf ears and more.
Rhapzody WIlde & Zarothan Wylder


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