For The Love Of …….

This hunt began yesterday. Are you in it ? Acid & Mala are and this is thier hunt gift ! Let me show you why you should be !

Acid & Mala

 2 options for wearing this great summer dress!

Acid & Mala Creations FTLO Pink Slice

You can find Acid and Mala here, here and here.
Acid & Mala Creations  –   Urban – Neko – Punk – Clothing – Footwear – Attachments –  Neko Tails – Neko Ears – Neko Boots –  Necklaces – Bags – Male Skin – Female Skin.

Info from the FTLO Blog Spot ……
THE FTLO Science hunt starts August 22nd and runs through September the 28th! The hunt’s starting location will be .:it’s Cake:. and will END at a very special top secret location full of prizes from a range of the FTLO vendors as well as an invitation to our next event!   (a HUUUUUGE fair FYI!)
For the Love Of Designers:
it’s Cake,Thick, Tweedle, Shush, 99 Elephants, Medley,  Mynerva, Butt-Err, Imani, LiqSum, kitsch me, Sars!,  Area Code, Garage, NamePending, ACTCHIO, Colorism,  POSH, SHUSH, Cuca Designs, Relentless Couture, Casa Del Shai, Croire, Beauty Killer,  C.Smit, Ticky Tacky, Nestle my Bosom, Leafy, Herbalys, Dead Carrot, Ello Poppet, Intrigue Co., AtomicBambi, Boof, Coolbeans, Tasty, Acid&Mala, Rezipsa Loc, Swansong, AcIde, Seren Shape Co., KoQStar, Ripe, Paper.doll,  III Mainstore, Republica, Abode, Bottle Bird.
Get your Hunt Hints here .

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