HEELS Desire Hustler

HEELS designer Izzy Regent, has worked for the past few months on a stunning new line and updating their last release for V2. Lower scripts and a really easy to use HUD AND the best part is one HUD for all your shoes! ALL your HEELS new relases , just change your shoe, wear the HUD resync the HUD and you’re set.

HEELS ~Desire in Hustler Red

HEELS HUDS skin tone is extremely easy to use and I will say I had no adjustments to make to fit this skin tone from *YS&YS* Ashanti Glow, 15 Nail Art choices, Desire Base Fishnet Stockings and Desire Base Sheer Stockings, Tattoos options, bling / no bling, metal color change choices, AO on or off and this awesome shoe will NOT break the linden banks. 🙂

HEELS ~Desire in Hustler Red w/Lake - Vanilla Ice Body Jewels

The new Heels Hud controls all of the features of your HEELS and has been designed to work all of the new, viewer 2.0 Desire 2010 HEELs. 

The beauty of this Hud you is that one hud works on all of the 2010 shoes and stores all of your preferences in the save positions so you can use one hud on all of your HEELS shoes and boots.  Imagine all of your saved skin/nail colors and preferences are automatically available to new HEELS shoes. 

Also please check out these stunning body jewels by BODYWEAR JEWELRY.

Lake - Vanilla Ice Body Jewels

[MANDALA] Takara Nail/cream white
*YS & YS* BigChignon Brown
*YS&YS* Ashanti Glow for TDR
Lake – Vanilla Ice Body Jewels
HEELS ~Desire in Hustler Red

Great shoes and diamonds ! What more does a girl need! Happy shopping !


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