Hucci ~ New for Project Donate

Project Donate is raisng money for UNICEF. Hucci is donating 100% of the proceeds of these items to project donate for the duration of the event. There is a lot of information about project donate at the website so please view it for a full list of vendors at the event .

You can also see items that are at the event at the flickr page.

New for Project Donate

Add some luxury to your casual attire! This lace front hoodie (hood free option included) with black floral lace overlay on the front is sure to turn heads. The pants have black floral lace detail down the side of the leg. The pants are straight legged with sculpted prim cuffs at the end. Prim hood, with shadow detail on the jacket. 4 jackets are included, cropped versions with and without hood, and full length versions with and without hood. Prims are copy mod, clothing is copy. Available on all appropriate layers for L$300.

2 colors exclusive to Project Donate, Oatmeal and Baby Blue.


Located on the right front wall of the store. or at Project Donate in the Green Section near the Truth Hair.


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