>>ROOTS<< Belted Stiletto High Heels

I love my shoes ! I love sexy strappy extreme high heels!  Naida Stipe, owner and designer at >>ROOTS<< understands sexy, extreme  and designs for the naughty classy fashionista in all of us.

>>ROOTS<<00H10012>>Heels /Viewer2

Your new shoes will come suited to V2 viewers and non V2 as well.

>>ROOTS<<00H10012>>Heels /Viewer2


Full HUD control (no more messing clicking the Shoes) + Resize
x12 Skin feet tones presets, 100% compatible with [rQ]ss-Type Skin Line
Easy feet tone adjustment, tint Darker, Lighter, More blue, More gold, More red, Less blue, Less gold, Less red, No tint
(no more RGB color code confusion);
4 Walk sound + Volume control;



Analog Dog whimsy platinum
[rQ]Bronze@TYPE.o2-B.o6 (lightBROW)
>>ROOTS<<00H10012>>Heels /Viewer2
>>ROOTS<<00A10009 Bandana
**VEXTRA FASHION** “Zipped Leather” [shirt] – Black  Cute quality casual clothing, lingerie, furniture & gadgets, swimwear & latex.
**VEXTRA FASHION** “Zipped Leather” Hotpants – Black
*Primagine* Gypsy Hoops Gold Autumn *Group Gift

Pose n Prop VIVAPOSES -i love my shoe-
EarthStones Tarnished Gypsy Bangles – Brass/Carnelian


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