School Girl ~ Naughty Girl

It’s that time and I’m a little late but it was all his fault !

This skirt is like the best naughty skirt I’ve seen on Second Life. 

There are 2 skirts in the box, one attaches on the pelvis and the other on the stomach. Resize is not scripted but the rest of the skirt is….

Scripted/Strippable ….Click/Touch the skirt and you will see that a dialog menu will be displayed, there are like 12 options: “Access List”, “Restart”, “Lock”, “Undress”, “Show Booty”, etc… retexture your skirt!

“Access List”:  you can set it for “Everyone” or “List Only”.  You react to whats happening ..”Reactions”: this option let you choose the following personalities: “Shy”, “Slutty”, “Mad Bitch”  “Slave”, and “None”.
(“Shy” mode is enabled by default)

    – Right click on the skirt, then select “Edit…”
    – Click on “Content” tab
    – Double click on the notecard named “custom emotes” (you will see the default emotes)
    – Modify the emotes with your own if you want.

Rin’s Strip Skirt v1.9 p or on xstreetsl , Interactive full prim clothing, strippable skirts, bikinis, swimsuits, lingerie, scripted furniture, vampire coffins, caskets and gadgets.


LaVie Demi v2 015 Bronze _cleavage

Gurl6 Kara lg – CreamyBlonde


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