(Amperlope) Shapes

I am in deep adoration of these shapes ! When Ampersand Artful dropped these on me to review I could hardly wait to try them on, and it took some time to find a skin that really showed them off, or at least to my tastes.

What do I love the best about these ladies?  Ampersand feeds them ! Yes … yes she does !! They have fabulous girl curves and hips and stomachs and thighs and butts !! Her notecard says she tested her shapes with skin from top skin designers and Ican’t wait to play around with these shapes and more skins.

AND really cool names ! Let me introduce you to …….

dirty maggie mae

mcgill calls herself  ill

lovely rita


And last but not least …..

just one more thing anna

 Comes with styling cards and skirt butt shape at linden prices that will not break the bank. You can purchase no mod or mod. I seriously can’t think of a reason to mod these shapes at all, but that is just me.

All shapes shown in [Rockberry] Kalista skin light brow w/cleveage. Hair is Gurl6 Kara in creamy blond , earrings by Zaara.

Run over try a demo and grab the awesome freebie shape blogged here @ coffeesmoke .

 The Rumor


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