More Amazing Photography Tools

Want her hair to blow lightly or her dress to sway softly?  Try this tool !

The Omega Flexi System Controls The Directions Your Flexible Prims Move In, Giving You Amazing Results With Your Studio Projects or Creative Productions.


IMPORTANT – It’s highly recommended to make a copy of your objects before you use it with the Omega Flexi System. This system changes settings to the flexi settings inside the objects menu.  While most creators use building methods that are consistent to work with the design of this system some objects may be altered by the system with undesirable results. Please backup your objects to secure your investments.

IMPORTANT – If you own the Omega Flexi Main Script you should use that in any of your own personal objects.  The Remote Script is not intended to be used instead of the Omega Flexi Main Script  because of it’s increased restrictions.  These restrictions are designed to allow the Remote Script and HUD to be transferred across the grid without causing allowing unwanted access to individual Omega Flexi Remote Objects.

The Omega Flexi Remote Script & HUD are COPY and TRANSFER to allow you to control the flexi objects of other people.
An Omega Flexi Remote Object is any object that has the remote script placed in its contents and is attached to an avatar.

RESTRICTIONS – These things MUST be done to control any remote objects.
1. The object containing the remote script MUST BE ATTACHED to an avatar. The Remote Script does NOT function when put in any object that is rezed in world.
2. The Remote Object MUST BE ON using the Omega Flexi Remote HUD. (The script is on by default)
3. The Owner of the System HUD MUST REQUEST ACCESS by pushing the Remote button on the System HUD.
4. The Remote Object Wearer MUST ALLOW ACCESS by selecting YES from the request access menu.
5. The Attachment Button on the System HUD MUST BE ON (RED) for the Remote Script to control the flexi prims.

Have a look at whats being shot with Omega Flexi : 

Apocalypse – Happiness is a Warm (yes it is) Gun

2nd Place Winner, WoW Photo Contest for a pic that matches a song or lyric by Corinne J. Helendale, photoLIFE Master Photographer.

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