Second Life Photography Tools

I’ve really enjoyed SL photography a lot, learning and meeting awesome photographers and creators. I learn something new daily and I’ve learned a lot from my partner Toran Babenco, who worked his way thru collage as a photographer and from  Team photoLIFE as well as from some of you fabulous bloggers who have shared your tips n tricks on the blogs with all of us.

I’ve shared info on the photoLIFE Studio and now I’d like to share another awesome tool.


LumiPro HUD.

This awesome tool is easy to use and understand and you can shoot on the fly w/o needing and rez rights. You control light and the subjects. I only with there were more model spots currently there are only 2 slots, 4 or 6 would be awesome. You control the models individually as well as their lights.

Using LumiPro NO Post Processing Past Resize

LumiPro was created by Stefan Buscaylet to solve his own lighting needs.  It is an adjustable 3 light system (primary, secondary, and accent typically).  The lights are attached to the model and controlled by the photographer allowing access to nearly every sim including those best sims that don’t allow rezzing or have rez return times too quick for lighting.

–    Adustable Prim lighting – considered the best lighting possible for Secondlife
–    Photographer hud efficiently controls all lighting parameters quick and easy
–    Model wears the lights.  They move with the model, even down the runway.  Plus full control and adjustability.  Just touch any light’s outside edge and it becomes its new center point. Use this technique to adjust the ball positions. Lights become invisable for shooting.
–    Butterfly and Rembrandt default light positions for quick setup in a slap.
–    Use the lights and pose the models in sims where building isn’t allowed.

Package contents
  –  The HUD.  Wear it.  That’s it!  Everything is controlled from the HUD including giving out lights to you and your models.

–  Load your own animations or use the demo animations provided by nlimbo. 
–  If you fully own the animations (full copy/mod/trans) then you can just drag animations from your inventory to the hud.  For purchased animations for which you don’t have full permissions, this requires you to detach the hud, drop it on the ground, edit the hud on the ground and drag animations into its contents folder.  A training video is (or will be posted shortly) on this topic. Pick up the hud and wear it as normal.

Release notes:
    Lumipro 2.01  4/18/2010 – fixed lighting permission issue
    Lumipro 2.00 Release  4/17/2010
    Lumripro 1x releases 2008-2010

(C) Stefan Buscaylet.

Be sure to see the video  . For a great product demo. Or stop by in world.


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