!!! Tonic Water by Fizz Savira

Tonic – High quality womens shoes, jewelry, and more.

Yesterday a friend IM’d me and said c’mere I wanna show ya something and sent me a tp. Veronique Wellesley, creator in her own right  and Nymphetamine model show’d me some really well made shoes….and I mean well made , I love them.

Veronique Wellesley Models Tonic Maryjanes

They work is painstakingly perfect.  I ooo’d and awww’d and as she changed I snapped away happily 🙂 then I tp’d over to Tonic Water and grabbed a pair of my own !!

Veronique Wellesley Models Tonic Pumps

I bought these and I’m telling you now , these perfect shoes are under 500L ! I don’t normally quote prices of things but this time I make an exception. These are so well made and the HUD can’t be easier to use.

Tonic - Bravo clog



    Your Tonic HUD is divided into several sections:

        – “Skin”, used to adjust the texture and tint of your toes or other skin elements
        – “Nails” used to adjust the texture and shine of your toe nails
        – “Save” used to save your choices for later recall
    This notecard assumes you are wearing your Tonic HUD and your Tonic shoes.

1. Adjusting the skin texture and tint:

    At the top of your Tonic HUD you will see 16 preset buttons. The upper bank textures contain a fair amount of red, while the lower bank contain a fair amount of yellow/brown. The two end presets are there for those unusual skin tones and as a fallback should you be unable to find a good match using the pre-colored presets. The top monochrome preset has some texture to it, while the bottom one is fully blank.
    After you’ve selected a preset that roughly matches your avatar skin, you can then optionally tint the result using the set of controls below the presets. First select a base color for the tint from the “HS” portion of the display (the colored area that looks rainbowish). After you’ve selected a base color, you can adjust it’s luminosity (darkness, roughly) via the slider which is shown as a gray scale vertical box. Additionally, using the left/right arrows for each of the components will allow you to fine tune the results. All along, the tint will be displayed in the “Preview” box and the actual numeric values for the HSL color will be using with the readout display to the right of the HSL left/right arrow controls. It might sound complicated, but a few moments poking around should clear it right up 🙂

    As you are making these changes, your toes (and other skin elements) on your Tonic shoes will be updated to show you the results.
2. Adjusting your nail polish:

    Within the “Nails” section of your Tonic HUD, are three sub sections. The “Pack” controls are used to choose which nail pack you’ll be choosing a polish from. The “Polish” section will display the actual polish that will be applied once you pick one. Finally, the “Shine” section is used to add some extra shinyness to your nails, if you want.

    But before you can choose any polishes, you should load some polishes into your Tonic HUD! Your Tonic HUD can handle up to five polish packs at a time. To load a polish into your HUD, all you need to do is rez (either by wearing it, or by rezzing it on the ground) one of your Tonic Nail Polish packs. Once rezzed, all you need to do is touch the polish bottle, and you’ll be given a dialog to choose which polish pack number to load. Easy 🙂

    Note that the free polishes that come with your Tonic shoe will already be loaded into your Tonic HUD. But if for some strange SL reason you need to reload them, the polish bottles are provided as well.

    To change your polish then, all you have to do is pick which pack by clicking on it, then click on the polish you want, and finally, click on the shine you want. Simple!

3. Saving your settings:

    Before you can save your settings, you need to have chosen a preset, optionally tinted it, and chosen a polish. Once you’ve done those things, you can then touch one of the three save buttons. You’ll be given a dialog asking what you want to do – if the save has never been used, then the only real choice is to save your settings. If you have already saved there before, then you’ll be asked whether you want to save or restore.

4. Restoring your settings:

    After you’ve saved some settings you can restore your settings to your Tonic shoe simply by touching one of the save buttons. You’ll be given a dialog asking you if you want to restore those settings or save your current settings. Easy 🙂

5. What to do when something goes wrong:

    If you find a bug in the HUD, feel free to writeup what happened and drop it into a notecard and give it to me. Please include as much detail as possible!
— Fizz Savira

Go take a look I promise you will NOT be sorry !!   !!!Tonic Water Taxi

Thank you Ver for this awesome tip !!

2 thoughts on “!!! Tonic Water by Fizz Savira

  1. Thank you, Colleen!

    I just knew you’d love Fizz’s work. She’s pays such careful attention to detail, that her shoes are as close to perfect as I think anyone can get!

    And wow! My feet are famous now!

    In my opinion, Fizz Savira is one of Second Life’s best kep secrets when it comes to shoes.

    She told me the other day she will be releasing more colors in those gorgeous clogs soon and her peep toe pumps are in line to be updated soon. I can hardly wait!

    Veronique Wellesley

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