Tres Beau Milea by Kimmera Madison for BOSL Fashion Week

Yanno it never fails , ever….just when I’m convinced that I wont be *wow’d* by more fashion….Kimmera Madison has a new release , and I fall in deep love all over again. I’m seriously thinking of proposing to her or at least petitioning for adoption!! *laffs*

Milea is so me ! Milea is fashion forward, hot, sleek, sexy…dress to the nines or dress her casual , yeah ….this is love !! Options for different looks, fabulously perfect prims and textureing.

Tres Beau “Milea”

p.c; Studded Gold Circles
Mentine ❤ ~ Ankle Boots ~ Black Suede ~
CCD – Nails – R 20 – Diva – Red
[Inaya]  Skin  Aaely  red  lip
+BM+ RIUS  Black (FREE)

Poses ~ Diesel Works Odyssey

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