55L Thursday !!! SL ‘s Top Designers rawkin you on a dime !

I am just knocked out by this weeks fabulous bargains ! You can’t look more terrific then you can today! Lets have a look.


Hair available today at A & A .

I love the A&A Gidgette Hair Sand . Long braids for a great casual look.

A&A Adi Hair Coconut is unisex as well so GUYS go grab this !

Click the Headband then chose “Wool” then a texture.
You may also scroll through the 18 textures by clicking the arrows.
To colorize further, you can also click the “Color” button then add or subtract colors.
We all love options don’t we ?

This seductive and fab shape is by  CoCo . Moria  Shape, available with style card and in copy/mod or no mod versions.

Need a hot lil dress for a easy eve or a club date ? Graffitiwear has that ! This Satin Minidress comes in some really sharp colors too.

This shape is also by CoCo and I adore it. Zalyn  Shape in 2 versions available with style card. CoCo & Gus,  the shape Designers at Twine,  offer modifiable shapes  that include style cards for that complete look …..for hair and skin, right down to your undies. Twine offers  the quality and the real look you want in your SL life.

Finesmith jewelry- Forever bride Jewelry. Finesmith Jewelry that Excites

~*Finesmith Jewelry Designs*~
contemporary Jewelry with a touch of Glam, unusual shapes set with the finest diamond textures.
Finesmith Jewelry in Secondlife from 2008

There you go fabulous and sexy on 55L Thursday!!  Happy shopping  🙂

My style sheet!

All Skins by [inaya]

[inaya] Skin -Maiisha- NO freckles +NO hair
[Inaya]  Skin  Marayah  mke up  0  lips  2 no hair
[Inaya]  Skin  Maylice  red  lip

(DBS)TossMe -Black
Diesel Works

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