Lil’s – Fashion Inspired by You!

 Official Opening of Lil’s – Fashion Inspired by You! new Mainstore location.



Valid from Friday October 1st untill Thursday October 7th

For ! Lil’s Shoppers Paradise Groupmembers:
(not subscribersgroup)
Buy 1 outfit and get 2 additional outfits for FREE!

For not Groupmembers:
Buy 1 outfit and get 1 additional outfit for FREE!
How to get the free outfit(s):
* Buy 1 outfit.
* Send Lilac Niven the following notecard.
* The free outfit(s) must be cheaper or same in price as the bought outfit!
* Hair is excluded from this offer.
* Vouchers will not be accepted for this offer!


The new place offers you not just Complete Outfits, but also just a romantical and pleasurable place to be!.

Come explore the magical woods, sit and relax on a parkbench, meditate, or lay down on a Lotus leaf with your lover. Many spots to sit and relax and to enjoy!


New fun things at Lil’s:

Mini-Mania – To your left when entering the shop.
Mini-Mania is a new twist on Midnight Mania.
LOW targets – no waiting around!Target is set to 5!
Instant resets – several rounds and several prizes every day.
BUT! Only ONE winner per round.
Play as often as you like – Win often – Have Fun!

PrizeBomb – To your left when entering the shop.
Come and tp your friends.
1. Insert coin (Pay 15L)
2. Place fingers in ears.
3. Brace for impact.
4. Prizes are randomly scattered to people standing within the blast radius.
5. Common, Rare and Ultra-Rare prizes are available.
6. The prizeBomb detonator always gets a good prize.
7. Detonate again and win more prizes!

Ofcourse the 2 Lucky Chairs are to find here too.

Prize Chairs
These are to find at the back wall of the main entrance hall.
Lilac Niven
Lil’s – Fashion Inspired by You!



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