Lil’s ~ Fashion Inspired By You!

Yesterday I blogged Lil’s Grand Opening of her new store. She and I had a nice chat. Super nice lady and beautiful designs.  The sim is really beautiful and I’d recommend popping over just to see that !

You will also find free gift for newbies under 30 days , some nice prizes in the camping chairs as well. Entire sets in some to include matching shoes! Costumes , gowns , silks, burlesque ,casual and club and all so very elegant !  Don’t miss the great things in the 10L room either ! Next to that find hair and skins.

 She was nice enough to chat with me and to send me some of her early silks creations.

 (Pose by Babenco & Criss)

(Pose by Babenco & Criss)

(Pose by Babenco & Criss)

All outfits from Lil’s have an easy to use menu for resizing. No more adjusting by going into edit with the chance of messing up!
Lil’s outfits are transferable, therefore perfect to buy as gift.

Mainstore Lil’s – Fashion. Complete outfits including shoes/boots.
Design Clothing from Dresses to Haute Couture Gowns. Silks to Latex. Casual and Clubwear. Lingerie and Burlesque. Hot, Sexy and Sophisticated.
Realistic skins and shapes for a low price.

Then take this ride to Lil’s Mainstore and pick up an application form by clicking on the sign inworld as you see here above.

For any further enquiries contact ariana Umia.

! Lil’s – Fashion Inspired by You!
Lil’s Roses & Butterflies (Options to include rose or butterfly emitter)
Flower-girl Spring
SLink Jolie Pied High Bare Feet – Tiptoes

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