Exploring Adult ~ ]H[Nishi!

So, after exploring endlessly on the adult sims for something that was not a total disaster *drum roll* I found real adults , real adult content. I’m talking about grown people !! A sim that is beautiful and no in your face porn. In fact I found zero porn, by my definition anyhow. Opinions may vary. I have spent several days searching for some places that did not look like back alleys with good builds and quality content , its been an adventure at best. I’ve met some really nice people exploring. I almost gave up to be honest and I’m so glad I didn’t.

I did not find the owner, so I do not have photos to show as I was unable to obtain permission to take any snaps. You will have to trust me on this and tp over and have a look for yourself!

There are shops, and many shops available , with tasteful content. There is a really fabulous pub and a cafe, maze, teahouse, beach and of course a dungeon. NOT your everyday dungeon either , this is really tasteful and beautiful and well thought out! The surrounding open space/grounds are serene , relaxing and beautiful as well. There is also a mall, full of all your fetish , bdsm etc wear. Nice quality things. Lucky chairs, leather, lace, latex, gothic , tats. Hosting such shops as Bax,Indigo Ink, Sn@oks, Omega, V Style, B-Squared, Virtual Art Works, House of Rfyre, 4D, *DD*, Graves.  Animations, gear, jewelry furniture. Just to name a few but you get the idea.

The Mall has sub/slave wait area so owners can shop or play Greedy as well as a few dance poles incase  they need some exercise! 🙂 A spot to rez/unpack your purchases ( please clean up when you’re done).

 ]H[Nishi! Be sure to take a tour of our 20 dungeon theme rooms, our prison, cafe’, pub, beach, and our beautiful village!



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