Tonic ! For Your Feet & Some Call for Couture Festival

Last month I blogged these fabulous clogs from !!! Tonic by designer Fizz Savira.


I love them and it was a week before I could finally take them off my feet. Today I’d like to show her new release Cacie peep-toe pump.

This shoes are absolutely perfect, easy to use HUD and polish packs to load into the HUD. Totally painless. Easily matched my current fav skin from [Inaya] Aaely. No fuss no muss just sexy shoes! AND Lindens left over for a new dress too!

Tonic also has a gift for all female avatars under 30 days so send your newbie friends over to slap this poster for thiers! they will thank you for it!!

So I had these terrific shoes and I have some more CfC to share with you all, remember …get over there before to 31st. 185 of SL’s best designers, auctions, sales, runways and 50% of the auction sale will go to The Samaritans ( .

Holidays are fast approaching and no girl should be caught off guard without the best *lil black dress* and these shoes are a perfect compliment to this dress from Muism for CfC.


So pop over to Tonic and to Call for Couture ASAP.


!!!Tonic Tini Taxi.

CfC Limo !!


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