Halloween Fun ~ Happy Haunting !! From Rackingham State Hospital

Welcome to Rackingham State Hospital

Rackingham State Hospital is  brought to you  by the  management and  staff of  Club Bada Bling.
Club Bada Bling is a  night club  offering the  best  DJs and  special  events  you  can’t  find at  any other  club.  Events  such as The Dance Off,  Speed Dating, events exclusive to  Club Bada Bling,   along  with Inventory  Scavenger  Hunts and Trivia .

Please give yourself time to rezz.  This will make you haunting experience much more  enjoyable.  Also I have included an enivornment setting  you can set your  viewer to. After you make these adjustment and reading the “story”  you  should be rezzed.   Please set your  viewer to  midnight…or  use the  custome windlight setting below.
To enhance your  experience  use this Environment Setting (quality  performance on High or  Ultra)

1.  Go to EDIT menu and open up PREFERENCE.
3. Select the  highest QUALITY AND  PERFORMANCE  level you video  card  can  handle
4. ATMOSPHERIC SHADERS should be checked
5. Increase your DRAW DISTANCE
6. Under LIGHTING DETAIL, NEARBY LOCAL LIGHTS should be  checked.
7 . Click APPLY and  OK
9. Select ADVANCE SKY, in ADVANCE SKY select the LIGHTING  tab
10. On the  LIGHTING page under  AMBIENT move the  “I” slider  to the left
 and the  SUN/MOON POSITION to the left. 
 11. Select  NEW  at the top of this page and  save this  setting under a  name of your  choosing.  “Asylum Setting” “Dark Sim”   any of your  choosing.  This   setting  will remain in your  system incase you  crash, log  out  and /or  want to return to  this  attraction.
Rackingham State Hospital  is  a fictious hostipal but  was  designed around  factual information.


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