Ginger and Passion New From Rebel Hope

Most of you are extremely familiar with designers  Rebel Hope and her partner RH Engel, for their extremely exquisite clothes, jewelry, costumes and bridal couture. Not to mention his perfectly crafted builds and furniture.

This Special Edition gown *Ginger* is almost to perfect words.



I’m so very excited to have the opportunity to blog these fabulous gowns and jewelry for fall 2010. Perfect colors for fall, warm and delicious are my favorite colors. Complimenting these gowns are diamond creations of RH Engel. My favorite  is the attention to detail of the tiny maple leafs adorning the Ginger accessories!

Ginger Accessories

This gown comes with clothing on all layers.

system skirt
glitch pants
six piece prim skirt for layering
All prim skirts parts are in both modify versions as well as with the sizing script and a special clutch purse with handbag holding pose with the leaf motif @ the clasp. Nothing but details ladies  to make you smile! As a special treat this gown comes with a very special free gift designed by RH Engel and compliments the Ginger jewelry. Jaw dropping style.

Also part of the new 2010 fall line at Rebel Hope…. Passion !

Passion in Midnight Black, Pumpkin Orange/Gold, Cranberry Red and Maple Brown Sugar

22 pieces

2 Bodice Versions, one with a sequins strap and one without (all layers)
Glitch pants (both layers)
Gloves with detailed satin accents
Diamond Bodice Broach
2 Diamond Glove Clips
Sculpted bodice ruffles
2 options in prim skirts, one full and one A-line
Under skirt flex prims added for fullness
(All prim skirts will come with Mod/Copy as well as sizing scripts)
Clutch evening bag with a hold pose done in satin and silver adorned with diamonds

Passion Jewelry to compliment these gowns.

Passion Jewelry

Rebel Hope, fine quality and detailed designs. Visit the store at Monarch Bay.

Hurry over I think their STORE WIDE SALE runs thru October only many items are priced @ 100L…… AND HALLOWEEN! All of the costumes are marked down to 100L or less till Halloween!

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