amperlope autumn Preview 2010 : Shapes

Ampersand Artful has been busy !! She been creating some awesome shapes and watching a new sim build come to fruition. I really love her shapes, and I adore her shapes *names*, they make me smile. Let me introduce you to her autumn preview!

go go go little queenie and hold tight carol

These shapes include a skirt shape, style card and prim lashes fitted wearing the alpha system lash hider, for best results, wear the alpha layer with the prim lashes.

legendary honey pie - love you still lucille - sexy sadie, rule breaker

The Rumor [sim] redeaux celebrated Monday night with a blogger sneak preview that I missed šŸ˜¦ cuz children bring home ceeep’n crude once they start school ! So while everyone was over there partying I was in the Ā bed. *mutters* I’ve seen some awesome photos bloggers the sim looks fabulous !

Grab this ride over to check out the new shapes and the new sim !

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