*ByKay* ~ Creations By Kayleigh McMillan Leaves Second Life Grid

From her group Notice :

Dear Loyal customers, friends, bloggers & business relations,

We are out of service in Second Life.
No more products will be available for purchase here.
Currently we are migrating to the Avination grid as they have zero tollerance to theft.
Once we are setup and running we are at your service again on region Chalk Hearts within Avination.

Hoping for your understanding in this radical but very needed step!
Keep an eye on our notices for more information about releases within Avination.

Kind regards,

Kayleigh McMillan
*ByKay* ~ Creations By Kayleigh McMillan

Want to learn more about Avination and how to bring your SL name there bring funds from SL to Avination or how to purchase land or use Second Inventory to migrate your designs please visit my youtube channel for more information.

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