Mischief Night with AVid: Disturbia – Latex

 AVid Gothic Clothing was brought to life by Darwin Mizser in 2007. Please visit her website and her stores. Her main store is here.

Gothic clothing for your nightlife specializing in men’s and women’s complete outfits, skins hair eyes and weapons. Avid rp’er? enjoy the gothic , vamp rp in SL? Here is your store!

Tonight is Mischief night or Gate night (also known as Devil’s Night, Goosey Night, Cabbage Night and Mizzy Night in some areas) is an annual tradition in parts of England, Canada, and the United States; a night when the custom is for people (primarily teenagers and preteens) to take a degree of license to play pranks and do mischief to their neighbors. The most common date for mischief night is October 30, the day before Halloween.

AVid provides what you need as a devoted RP’er or just 2 nights a year 🙂 .

AVid: Disturbia - Latex

Disturbia in latex every layer option you can think of , complete with boots, nails ,spider nipple chains and whip.

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