►Maverick Design Shapes & Skins Brings You ~ Karma

Maverick Designs has not forgotten the beautiful golden-haired ladies on the grid.

Karma Ivory and Pale

Ivy  introduces Karma, the newest lady in the line of MD skins and shapes. She is a tall statuesque lady, works well for modeling or just your new you.

Karma Tan and Copper

Karma isn’t just a fabulous shape though ladies, she is also a beautiful skin. She comes in 4 tones (Ivory, as shown, Pale, Tan and Copper) so she has something for everyone. Karma has blonde eyebrows and comes with a natural face as well as 11 other makeup options. All faces come with a hair and no hair, cleavage and no cleavage options so you dont have to buy bases or enhancers to add to the layers of your avi, it’s all in this one folder!”

Karma Copper INSmoke Red

These Skins and Shapes are Gorgeous and perfect for blondes Redheads and light brunette hair tones. Each fatpack has 12 make up with all the options of cleavage and hair base.

Karma Tan Soft Violet


Karma Soft Ivory Violet and Pale Metallic

►Maverick Design Shapes & Skins
► The [Cube] Skybox
♂ MENstuff- Male Fashion Group

↕TNT Furniture-Sense
 Appeal eyewear

Beautiful Detailed skin. All skins come with 12 makes up and Maverick Design Shape included! Hair and Cleavage options with four tones to choose from. Shapes: Mod&Copy/NO TRANSFER
Skin, hair, eyes & clothing are NOT Included.

Maverick Design

Maverick Avatar Design Blog

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