It’s Like That

2011 !! Yeah 🙂 promises to be a fabulous year. New looks , exciting fashions new SL groups. Let me share.

IF you have NOT been over to and joined ╚»ƒiLthy«╝ I suggest you do ! 199L$ to join but I’m telling you this….its well worth that. I know you have all seen the 2011 group freebie now do see the new January group gift and there is one for the men as well.

╚»ƒiLthy«╝  Mia makes me preen when I’m in it. Her lips are perfect and the shading over all is mouthwatering!


Mia . Dark . Petal
Mia . Tan . Petal

January Group Gift

Thistle 2011 New Year’s Horns

      A&A FAshion  Dangerous Nails2010

Dermagraphicus Rex! Daddy’s Girl Tattoo

Magika Hair // Glitter Aina ( FREE)

>>ROOTS<<00A10035<< Matching arm bands

*elymode*  SLuicide Girls short cami – red
*elymode*  SLuicide Girls logo shorties – red 2 (on new alpha layer, V2)

SLInkies – Belly – Sun 02

HM Foxy/starlet

NEW SL Group – SLuicideGirls

We are the SLuicide Girls.  We are uniquely sexy and stylish, we have a love/hate relationship with men, and a love/love relationship with ourselves.  We thrive on controversy and never play it safe.  Wanna know more?

But be careful, you may just fall in love with us.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you. ❤


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